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 Tricks of the trade. 
What have the Creation Station Design Team have in store for you this month?
As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, we come across some amazing tips & tricks from fellow Demonstrators, or we come up with our own.

 I have some tips that may help you out with your paper crafting projects. Tips & tricks I have discovered, or have learnt from others or my favourite place to find 'Tips & Tricks'; Pinterest!

Fussy cutting. I absolutely love fussy cutting! I find this a therapy of sorts, and can sit and fussy cut forever. And I know a lot of people who despise fussy cutting. Stay with me...

The trick to fussy cutting is to have a pair of sharp scissors, and believe me, our Stampin' Up! Paper Snips are the best in the business! They have perfectly sharp blades, fit into your hands beautifully and are lightweight.
  • Always give a border around the image - this makes for a nicer finish, than trying to keep to the edges.
  • Move the paper, not the scissors.
  • Use the mid part of your scissors and save the point for angled edges.
  • I started snipping the trunk of the palm tree going up, and snipped into the other side of the trunk going down. Always snip the tiniest part of the image first - then into the larger parts.

I always travel with a fork! Yep, a good old fork and it's the best tool for creating bows from 'Baker's Twine' or 'Linen Thread'. The wider the ribbon I will tie using my hands.

Tying bows. My next favourite thing! And something else some crafters do not like making. Again, stay with me...

Top: Wrap twine around the fork and end with an 'x' at the front
Middle: With the loose end on top, push it through the middle prongs to the back of the fork
Bottom: Pull the twine taught, and get ready to bring the end of the twine back over to the front....

Top: Bring the end from the back to the front and tie a knot
Middle: Pull the twine tight with the knot in the middle
Bottom: Voila! A teeny, tiny bow for your next project

Glimmer Paper. Love it! However, it's tricky when die-cutting. 
All you do is pull away the backing from the Glimmer Paper, and away you go. No more bits that don't come away after using the dies, and if you need a backing for your Glimmer paper, die-cut some cardstock and adhere it to the back to make it more sturdy.

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Have a wonderful day. D x

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6 comments on "Tricks of the Trade - Creation Station Design Team Blog Hop"
  1. Great tips Denita and I love that Palm Tree. I've very much over looked it in the catalogue, but you've just opened my eyes to it. Will be pulling out a cake fork to add to my basic tool kit now x

  2. Wonderful tips Denita! I've been debating about that beach make it so appealing!

  3. Great tips! I never realized you could take the backing off the glimmer paper. Will definitely be using this tip.

  4. Some great tips Denita! Tfs! Love your Palm Tree! I didn't order the set either, but now I have some regrets I think, lol!

  5. Denita: I love to fussy cut, too! Great tips for making the most of our Paper Snips. And your fork-bow-tying tip is amazing! I and some of my Stampers struggle with those tiny bows--but not anymore thanks to you!! xoKathyxo

  6. Wonderful tips Denita! I'll have to give the glimmer paper one a try! :)


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